What’s with the Prime Grade?

We are now selling Kona Prime coffee, first on Ebay and now on our website.
Previously, we sold only our 100% Kona estate grade coffee. Thus we
feel an explanation is in order for you, our loyal customers.

A few years ago, a horrible coffee pest, la broca or coffee bean borer arrived in Kona. It
rapidly spread throughout the district, and it is safe to say that all Kona coffee farms
now have this pest. To control la broca, we mist the developing coffee beans every 2 or 3 weeks with a diluted and nontoxic fungus preparation. The fungus, which was endemic
to Kona, only kills borers which have not completely entered the coffee beans. Once la broca is inside the bean, the fungus does not reach them. Thus the need for frequent spraying during the March through September time period. Unchecked la broca totally destroys the coffee bean.

We are unable to achieve 100% control of la broca. The net result of this is that we
now run our green beans through a sorter which separates the beans into 4 grades.
The first, or most dense beans are estate grade. This is about 80% of our product.
The second grade, about 10%, is prime grade. This is still very good coffee,
although it has a slightly lower density than estate grade. The 3rd and 4th grades
contain broca damaged and offgrade beans and are discarded.

Are you still with me? I hope so!

So we recently decided to market the prime beans, albeit at a lower price. We suspect
that other cheaper coffees which claim to be 100% Kona are indeed this prime grade,
OR LOWER! And if they do not use the term, 100% KONA, then it is very likely that
they are a blend of Kona and other coffees from wherever.

Prime beans will be available while we have them. Please note that quantities are limited.