We are sold out of Kona coffee!

As we have been warning for awhile, we are now sold out of coffee.
This is the result of what was a very small harvest in the fall of 2016.

Fortunately, we are anticipating a much larger harvest this year as weather
has been ideal and the trees are loaded with green coffee. We expect
to be harvesting by September. The harvest will then last until at least December
and perhaps into the new year.

As in the mainland, weather has changed dramatically this year. We are back to
what we hope is a more normal pattern. I am referring to the dry winter followed
by moderate spring rain which develops into daily afternoon showers throughout
the summer. This makes for cool afternoons and evenings which are perfect for the
developing coffee beans.

Mahalo for your loyalty! We will be back with new coffee available no later than October.

Howard Hill