Rains have arrived!

We are thrilled that the long dry spell here in Kona has ended. We are getting
cloud cover almost every afternoon, which is the normal wet season pattern here in
Kona. We have also experienced several light rainfalls which have set into motion
the coffee bloom cycle. The trees are flowering and setting coffee at last.

Coffee is unique in that it will not flower unless water falls onto the plants from above.
For some that means overhead irrigation; however, for most of Kona coffee farmers, it
means that we are dependent on rainfall. No rain means no flowers.

The bad news is that due to the prolonged drought we expect this year’s coffee harvest
to be light and will start later than normal.

Meanwhile we still have available much of last fall’s harvest and expect to have coffee
available throughout this year.

A few of you may have experienced coffee with a little different roast. There was a batch which was roasted to more of a Vienna roast evel which a few of you received. Then we did an experiemental roast which we cut off when the coffee reached a 445 rather than the normal 450 degrees. This resulted in a nutty medium roast which we enjoyed; however, we have gone back to our long preferred medium dark (full city or full city plus according to some experts) roast, and that is what you should expect unless you place a special order for something different.


Howard Hill