Post Thanksgiving review.

A moment to reflect: Coffee harvest is done for the year!   We had a good harvest that was unusually early.  This was brought on by an early flower and the well above normal amount of rainfall we experienced during the growing season. The rainfall promoted rapid growth and bean development.

The same rain in September caused substantial flood damage to some of the farms in our neighborhood. While we experienced minor flooding in areas, there was no erosion or flood damage on our farm. We attribute this to the fact that we mow our fields and allow ground cover to grow along with the coffee. In this instance, the cover held the dirt and stopped the soil erosion which we would have experienced if we didn’t allow the grass and herbs to grow in competition with our coffee trees.

ABOUT OUR COFFEE! We are gearing up for what should be a very busy holiday season. We expect to be roasting several times a week during this period, and we can normally get your order out within 24 hours. Our coffee makes a great gift that will very likely be consumed and appreciated, fwiw. Our experience is that the postal service always does a great job of getting our priority mailed packages delivered within 3 work days. This
has held right through past Christmas and New Years holidays.

So it’s never too late to order for the holidays! We hope to hear from you soon.

Howard Hill