Harvest Time!

Actually we started a month ago and are well into the new harvest; however, this first
coffee will not be available until sometime in November. We like to age our coffee for
a minimum of 60 days prior to roasting, and more is better! Aging brings out the full
‘Kona’ flavor which I’ve yet to find in other coffees. Prior to aging, our coffee has
a bright fresh flavor which is very drinkable, but not quite what we want to present.
In that regard, one might compare it to various wines which definitely change over time.
Coffee can get too old also, so we want to sell our newly harvested beans by the end of
the following year.

We are having a modest harvest this season. This is due to heavy trimming or cutting
back of the trees which needed to be done after last year’s good harvest. This year
has seen abundant rain and those trees which are bearing have a large crop of well
developed beans. This might seem strange to some; however, we do not have the ability
to irrigate. Our trees are totally dependent on the rain which nature provides. In that
regard, Kona is blessed as the normal rainfall pattern is light afternoon showers daily
throughout the coffee bean growing cycle.

We’ve just had yet another new customer say that ours is the best of all the Konas.
We have to wonder if he has been buying direct from Kona or rather from some
mainland coffee roaster. We appreciate the compliment. Our claim is only that we produce
very good Kona coffee. The best guarantee that you are buying real Kona
is to buy direct from a small Kona coffee farmer!