Harvest is well underway.

Lots to say. We have had an ‘el nino’ summer with temperatures well above normal for the
months of August, September, and October and perhaps July as well. I forget when it all

Along with the heat we experienced storm after storm. The hurricanes which threatened Hawaii never seemed to get here; however, moisture and lightning associated with the storms arrived again and again. We never had the ‘monster’ wind or rain, but we had repeated 2″ in 24 hour rainfalls. Mauka Kona experienced perhaps 25″ of rain in September alone! This is unlike anything we have previously experienced here in Kona, where 65″ in a year is about normal.

The surprising thing is that the coffee came through this in fine condition. Harvest started in August and has been ongoing ever since. We have a bumper crop of what seems to be very good coffee, the oldest of which we are starting to blend into what remains of last year’s harvest. We enjoyed a few cups of this coffee this morning.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Howard Hill