Happy New Year!

We hope that you all enjoyed a joyful and peaceful holiday season.

Kona is well into its normal winter dry season. We have not had a significant rain for perhaps 6 weeks. This is fine, and we will not start worrying about it until the end of February. If by then, there is no rain,
we will be worried!

Coffee is a native of Ethiopa, which is a land well known for extensive droughts and famine. The trees are well adapted to survive the dry. In addition, coffee trees only bloom in response to rainfall. IOW, if one irrigated their coffee, with no rain, there would be no flowers. There are a few growers in Kona who actually use overhead sprinklers in an attempt to defy this unique coffee characteristic. The rest of us just wait for the rains to come. With the rain them will come the coffee flowers which with the help of pollinating bees become the next
seasons coffee cherries.

Some years the drought is short and the rains come early. As a result the coffee harvest also comes early. Last year was one such season and we started our coffee
harvest in July and it peaked in October. Most years we start our harvest in late August and the harvest peaks in November at the time of the annual Kona Coffee Festival. We are so busy at that time that we seldom find time to attend the festivities.

So it is dry here. WE CONTINUE TO HAVE COFFEE AVAILABLE FOR SALE. Due to increased postal rates along with pickers demanding increased compensation, we have raised our prices slightly.