Do you do tours?
We don’t do tours since we are a very small farm, and more importantly, are located one half mile above the belt highway and access to our farm is via a ‘jeep road’.
Why can’t I get ground coffee from you?
We don’t sell ground coffee because we feel that in order to consume a high quality cup of coffee, the coffee should be ground just prior to brewing. Previously ground coffee loses much of its aroma and flavor.

Why do you sell only 1 roast?
We have a very small operation. Our goal is to have our product available year around. So rather than having many products available, we do the 1 roast which we feel produces the best cup of coffee. With the darker roast that some prefer, much of the flavor is lost and the coffee is now about ‘the roast’, in our opinion.

What’s the best way to brew your coffee?
The most important factor  is WATER QUALITY. We use filtered water with chlorine removed. If you really want great coffee, use filtered water!
We have long used the french press method of brewing. This produces the best flavors in our opinion. So while the water is heating in the ‘teapot’, we grind the coffee and put it in the press. The water should be removed from the burner and poured into the press when the teapot gets very quiet. That’s just before the water reaches the boiling point. Then the coffee is allowed to brew for 3 minutes prior to pressing the grounds out of the finished product. This sounds complicated, but it really isn’t once one learns to listen to the teapot.

Is it possible to brew it even better?
The french press is very good; however, when time allows, we now brew with a chemex drip brewer and filtered water. The chemex takes a few minutes longer than using the press, so it’s certainly not the best for everyone. The result is pretty much the same as using the press, except that all the fines have been removed. This results in a coffee smoother to the palate as the press does allow some small particles to get into the finished coffee.

What is the best ‘grind’ for your coffee?
This depends on the brewing method, and is another reason why we only sell whole bean coffee. For our french press, we grind our coffee with a burr grinder set to its coarsest grind. Other brew methods may need a finer grind. But we prefer the burr grinder because the grind is controlled and the coffee falls to the receptacle below when it reaches the right size. This results in coffee ground to the best size and also prevents the heat build up that is the result of using the cheaper grinders. And a burr grinder can be had for less than $30, so we feel that it is a worthy investment for one who wants gourmet quality coffee at home or in the office.

Why is your coffee so expensive?
The truth is that we have just about the lowest price for real 100% Kona coffee that is roasted in and shipped from Kona. Also, you should know that our Kona coffee is stronger than most others and actually requires less coffee per cup. When we grind our coffee every morning, for 1 quart of coffee we set the grinder to grind for 4 cups. And the coffee produced from this grind is quite strong in flavor.

How come Kona coffee sold in Florida and some other states is cheaper than your coffee?
Actually we don’t have an answer to this other than to say that we don’t understand how they can sell 100% Kona for less than it sells for in Hawaii either. There are lower grades of Kona which we actually discard rather than market. So our best answer to that question is: BE SURE YOU ARE GETTING REAL 100% estate grade KONA COFFEE BY BUYING GROWER DIRECT FROM a KONA farmer.

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